Starting as a player with fanarts, then enjoying as a worldwide artist for Blizzard, my illustrations for World of Warcraft are part to:

✰ Interview on WoW-Europe website community « Girl Power »
Exposition « WoW: Emergeant Media Phenomenon » in Laguna Art Museum of California (2009)
✰Tradding card games (WoW TCG during 2009, 2012)
Hearthstone game

>Interview on WoW-Europe « Girl Power »
Interview of artist Nephyla and I, in the most fantastic MMORPG ever in the world, World Of Warcraft. Thanks to Daghorn and the WoW crew for spotlight on website community. (2009)



>Exposition « WoW: Emergeant Media Phenomenon »
I was part of the exposition « WoW: Emergent Media Phenomenon » on Laguna Art Museum of California during summer (14th jun > 4th october 2009) for my World of Warcraft’s fanworks with fourteen international artists selected to consider this movement !
Quick video visit, thanks to Comic Box.


World of Warcraft @ Laguna Art Museum par comicboxlive

>Tradding card games
During 2010-2012 (set 13, 19)


>Hearthstone game

Priest deck card « Power word : shield » common/gold version