The Traveler

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« The Traveler » – 2017
Tools : Clip Studio Paint Pro + Wacom Cintiq 24 HD

Each story begins with an adventure. Of any kind. And a mystery. Today’s trips will be yesterday’s. They may be many or the last. Maybe the end. Stiched in our bag or in the skin. There are our whole life here…

There’s a mystery whatone fails to understand. That shakes everything that we’ve learned so far… Is it a good or bad omen ? Fear… Fear slips in the shadows, and seizes your entrails. Makes you lose your mind. It fascinates. This unexpected. Like car headlight may be deadly on a road…

Illustration, story, original characters by Jessica Jung
MUSIC for Trailer : Oblivion – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (M83) « Temples of Our Gods »